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À domicile, Val-des-Monts

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Buffet chaud

  • Salade marocaine de pois chiches
  • Salade de courge, oignons rôtis et vinaigrette tahini
  • Mignon de porc du Québec et sauce crème-érable-dijon
  • Coq au vin
  • Dessert: plateau de petites bouchées sucrées

We got Les Flavoureux for our cottage wedding and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Despite our schedule was a bit complicated they arrived and set up all they needed without help and set everything as we wanted it to be. Our kitchen is not a 5 stars kitchen, but they brought all they needed to serve the food warm and nice, right on time.

They really paid attention to the details and the setup, as they were flexible with the food distribution, for example, our tables were not big enough to have all the food at once, so they proposed to serve it in batches making sure that everyone would have more than enough time to eat and repeat.

Where they really shined with are 2 points: First, the food. Everyone mentioned how good the food was, it was perfectly served and cooked. And second, their flexibility on the time to serve: The wedding was outdoors and we had some rain, so we needed to stay flexible and move the time in which the ceremony was happening, so everything moved in time. Les Flavoureux had absolutely no problem to keep moving the time to serve and still when the time arrived, the food was ready and absolutely excellent.

We will recommend Les Flavoureux to anyone that needs a catering for an event.


-Jamie & Edmon

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