The business lunch to please and impress

Designed to please and impress, our corporate lunchboxes are composed of 8 different elements. Plentiful, colorful and eco responsible, their diversity will surprise your guests and they will surely have something to snack on throughout the whole lunch hour!

  • For a minimum of 10 people
  • A minimum of 5 lunchboxes of each kind must be ordered (except for vegetarian and vegan options) / maximum of 5 kinds per delivery
  • Taxes and delivery not included
  • Please place your order well ahead, our calendar is very busy until the end of December 2022!!
  • Minimum order of 30 people for Saturdays and 50 for Sundays

Are included in the price

  • Sandwich or salad-as-a-meal
  • Daily salad (only with sandwiches)
  • Hummus or salsa of the week
  • Oven baked tortilla chips
  • Fresh fruits
  • A slice of Quebec fine cheese
  • Organic dried fruits (3)
  • Homemade sweet bite